How Can You Find a Great Contractor?


It is an old saying, but it is very true; there is no place like home. It is more than four walls and a roof. It is your comfortable refuge, the place for you and your family to live, relax, unwind, and grow together.

So when the time arrives for repairs or upgrades to be completed on your home, or to even build a new one, you do not want shoddy construction from a shady builder. You want quality work that you can trust in for decades.

How do you then find a great contractor?

What Kind of Construction or Remodeling Do You Need?

First, know what you want! Do you want to build a house or some other type of structure? Do you want to construct an addition to your home? Do you simply want siding installed, or are you interested in a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel?

Even as you understand what you want completed in a general sense, it will pay dividends to have a precise plan, down to the specific “little” details.

This does not mean you cannot change your mind as the work progresses or as the contractor you eventually hire brings more ideas to the project. Having detailed ideas, however, will help you narrow down your choices, as different builders may or may not be able to handle what you specifically want.

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Seek Out Reviews From Your Family, Friends, and the Internet!

What is the next step in hiring the best contractor for your building or remodeling project?  Ask around! You trust the opinions of your family and your friends, so lean on them. Who do they recommend as a contractor?

Their home is the envy of the neighborhood. Who built it? Who finished that amazing remodeling job in their bathroom? Who did such outstanding work on their new addition? Who updated — and, in the process, extremely brightened up — their kitchen?

The opposite is true, as well. Have they ever had a bad experience with a contractor? Who would they recommend against? Use that word-of-mouth resource to your advantage!

You also have another fantastic resource right at your fingertips. The Internet is full of contractor reviews, which you can easily access on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer. Check out Facebook and other social media platforms, as well. Some business pages even feature star ratings.

Make sure to do your research before choosing. It could save you from many headaches.

Ask Questions, Get References, Get Bids!

As you narrow down your choices, contact the contractors you are considering. You should seek several things from these conversations.

Ask them many, many questions. As you converse with them about their business, their employees, and the quality of their work, it can make it clearer whether they are the right builder for you. Consider this a job interview.

Ask them for addresses and phone numbers of previous customers, too. You will greatly benefit from seeing the quality of their previous construction projects, and you can ask those clients for their opinions, praise or concerns.

If any builder is unwilling or hesitant to answer questions, give you references, or pass along the names, addresses, and phone numbers of previous customers, this may be a good indication to look into other choices.

Get bids from these contractors, as well. How much will they charge to do the construction or remodeling you want? How long do they estimate it will take to complete the job? Scrutinize the bids, paired together with your other research.

Another thing to remember: “Lowest bid” does not always mean “best bid.” You get what you pay for.

Verify Contractor Licenses, Check for Complaints

Before you make your final decision, check out the contractors’ licenses. Most states require that contractors complete some sort of licensing process. In doing so, customers can search out information through the builders’ license numbers. Do they have a valid license? Do they have any complaints against them? Are they involved in any litigation because of shoddy workmanship?

You can generally gather this information in moments, as the Internet has made this avenue of research much easier.

Once you know this, with all of your other research and references, you are ready to choose the perfect contractor for your building or remodeling project, one that will give you quality, steadfast work that you can trust.

Your Contractor Will Probably Be Too Busy to Start Immediately

One last thing to consider: You are not the only person looking for a great contractor. If they do quality work, they will be in high demand, and others will want to hire them, too. They will probably be busy with other projects, so do not expect them to start your project immediately.

Plan accordingly, and decide for yourself. Is their workmanship worth the wait?