Five steps for choosing the right attorney


It happens.

No one wants to be wrapped up in litigation, but you find yourself enveloped in some sort of lawsuit or maybe even criminal charges. You need someone who can guide you through the legal labyrinth. You need a trustworthy, knowledgeable, experienced lawyer.

How do you find the right attorney for you and your situation?

Remember these five steps when hiring a lawyer:

What Type of Attorney Do You Need?

You must first determine what type of attorney you need.

What is your particular case? Is it a divorce? Is it a workers compensation or insurance claim lawsuit? Are you dealing with a criminal case? Do you need to navigate the ins-and-outs of wills and estates?

Many attorneys handle a variety of cases across the legal spectrum; however, many attorneys also specialize in a particular category of litigation. If you are going through divorce proceedings, you want a lawyer who specializes in divorce cases. If you are facing a court date about a workers compensation claim, you want an attorney who understands the nuances of workers compensation law.

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Contact Your Local Bar Association

After discovering lawyers in your area on EZToUse.com that specialize in your legal situation, contact the local bar association. A bar association simply is an association of attorneys, with admission to the bar meaning that lawyers have permission to practice law in that particular area.

The bar association can further inform you about any attorneys you are researching.

Get Recommendations From Family and Friends

As well, who do you trust more than your family and friends? Seek out their advice.

Have they gone through a similar legal situation? Have they been divorced? Did they face criminal charges? Did they find themselves in court over a workers’ compensation claim?

If so, who was their attorney? Did that lawyer properly handle the litigation? Did they give personal attention to the case? How expensive were their fees?

Ask around! Learn from the experience of your family and friends.

Personally Meet With Attorneys

Many attorneys, no matter what the lawsuit or criminal case, offer a free initial consultation. Take advantage of this! Ask about the lawyer’s particular experience in your type of case. Ask about the price range of their legal fees, and ask for references.

This consultation also allows you to get a personal read of the attorney. Do they seem trustworthy? Do they seem competent? Will they take a vested interest in your lawsuit and put particular effort into its litigation?   

Use this consultation to consider the size of the law firm, as well. What is their caseload like? Will you be just another number with a court date?

You can use the information you acquire during these free consultations to help your decision.

Armed with these tips, you will be prepared to hire the most appropriate lawyer to guide you through and argue for you in your particular lawsuit or criminal case.