Are You Hungry? Choose From a Variety of Restaurants!


A juicy medium steak, with the perfect amount of pink in the middle, and a baked potato. Hot wings dripping with buffalo sauce. A mouth-watering hamburger topped with cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickle, lettuce, and tomato. A chimichanga at a Mexican restaurant, stuffed full of cheese, rice, and chicken. A plate piled high with General Tso’s and rice at a Chinese restaurant. Are you hungry yet?

Whether you have no time to cook at home, or you are traveling, or whether you just want a nice gourmet meal served in a fancy atmosphere, there are an abundance of restaurants, eateries, diners and delis, or buffets from which you can choose.

In fact, the average American eats food from a restaurant four to five times a week — either dining in a restaurant, getting takeout, or through delivery.

And we all have our favorites, whether it is breakfast food, ethnic food, subs, hot wings, hamburgers, or steaks.

So Many Food Choices… What Should I Eat Tonight?

Each of us has participated in this conversation, in one form or another:

“Are you hungry?”


“What kind of food would you like to eat?”

“Not sure. What do you want to eat?”

And so it continues.

However, this can be a legitimate dilemma. With so many choices, what do you really want to eat? You may want to sit down in a fancy, fine-dining restaurant and enjoy an exquisite medium steak. You may want to visit a buffet and sample everything it offers. Maybe you just want a good hamburger, some hot wings, some barbecue ribs soaked with amazing sauce, or a hot Italian sub. You could also be in the mood for some ethnic food, and you want to visit a Mexican restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, or an Italian restaurant.  

It also depends on the time of day. Is it morning? You may want a big breakfast, with scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, sausage, and perfect pancakes and syrup. Is it lunch time? A sub, a sandwich, or a bowl of chili may be exactly what you want. Your dinner-time desires may involve much more food and some atmosphere.

One thing is certain, however: Options abound when it comes to restaurants!

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Whether you are hungry for barbecue, subs, steak, or ethnic cuisine, happy eating!